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ChatGPT? AutoGPT!

If ChatGPS is fascinating, then AutoGPT is mind blowing.

If you find conversational AI fascinating, then with AutoGPT, you might feel like me. It’s something that makes my brain hurt in a similar way to my feeble attempts at understanding the String theory.

AutoGPT connects LLM “thoughts” in such a way that it independently achieves a set goal. In other words: it sets a strategy to reach a goal, fulfils it, searches for resources on its own, tests, and improves. Technically, it’s an experimental open-source (you can find it on GitHub) application powered by GPT-4. However, others were immediately inspired and instantly, dozens of “autonomous GPTs,” were launched. Many of them simply online, no need for other tools or repositories. Try this one. You can start your tests with autonomous AI right away, without the need for any GitHub or coding knowledge.