“I need to learn about AI, quickly!” I got you covered!

There are numerous training programs, prompt lists, and more. If you’re looking for verified courses that won’t consume your time or money, I recommend the following. The primary focus of most is on ChatGPT and Midjourney, so let’s concentrate on them. However, let’s start with a general introduction to AI, select some proved ones and mention some paid stuff:

General AI courses

AI For Everyone by Coursera (free)
takes: app. 10 hours

One finished by a certification:

Expand Your Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence by Udacity 399 USD*
takes: 3 months*
* the price means a quarterly subscription to Udacity platform. A swift learner will finish the course within this subscription period.


ChatGPT for Beginners by Great Learning (free)
trvání: dvouhodinový rychlokurs

ChatGPT Teach-Out od University of Michigan by Coursera(free)
: app. 5 hours

Visual AI – Midjourney

Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT 4 & Midjourney by Udemy 14,99 USD
takes: app 12 hours

Create Beautiful Imagery with Midjourney A.I. by Udemy 69,99 USD
: app. 5 hours

Text to speech

Start with this article on AI Summer…

…and then try this simple free project by Google on Coursera. You’ll be done in about an hour.