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A robust segmentation & message-creating tool

Segmentation and truly personalized messaging is something I really want to focus on here. One of the first promising projects in this area is RAD AI.

RAD AI* claims that while most companies bring products to market in a way they think might interest customers, their artificial intelligence knows. Know to whom deliver the message, and what message should it be. The boast that they “translate marketing gibberish into authentic language that resonates… [with] with a 92% accuracy rating”, RAD’s AI marketing platform”. We are talking about precise ads impression delivery to the right audience.

This B2B SaaS startup claims to scan millions of web pages, Reddit threads, and API interfaces to create a content strategy that leverages consumer psychology. Reportedly, it works wonders. Reason to belief should be, in addition to the vague statement “we have Fortune 500 clients,” names like Accenture, Condé Nast, and Dignity Health features on product’ website.

You can invest in RAD AI – a funding round for small investors is currently underway. The minimum amount is $250.

*there is another company using AI to deliver a different type of service under same name. Hmm. One might wonder is some AI tool couldn’t help with the naming. Or a human, maybe?